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A Familiar Sight

Almost two years ago, I accidentally left a cupboard open and enabled Zoey to find a new place to explore.

Little did I know that I would end up with a second kitty who wanted to explore the fine aroma of the cat food cabinet.

Cabinet 1

Colby in the cupboard.

Cabinet 2

Cabinet 3

Zoey checking out Colby in the cupboard.

Cabinet 4

Cabinet 5

Of course, given how close Colby and Zoey are, it should come as no surprise that they are prone to the same ludicrous stunts.

Too Smart for Me

Cooper Smart 1

Recently, I shared that I believe Cooper may be a little smarter than I give him credit for. I also believe I have shared (although I can’t remember when) that Cooper, my dear, irritatingly smart dog, loves to play a little game when he goes outside. That game goes a little something like this:

  1. Cooper goes to the door
  2. I open the door
  3. Cooper grabs the nearest toy and dashes outside
  4. After he’s finished doing whatever business he needed to do (including deciding that it’s time to dine on bark), he comes back to the door
  5. When I open the door, he will stand just outside the door until I say, “Cooper, get your toy!” at which point, he runs back to grab the toy and happily dashes back into the house

If I forget to tell him to get his toy, he will wait for a few seconds before running off to retrieve it anyway. I think he loves the ritual of being told he needs to get the toy (that or it’s all a secret test to see if I still have a grasp on my mental faculties), but the ritual is not absolutely necessary for Cooper to save his toy from the loneliness of being left outside.

Well, today, I opened the door and stepped outside with Cooper, who decided that the right toy to bring into the great outdoors was his beloved yellow tennis ball. When I headed back inside, Cooper was right by my side, sans the ball. So, I stopped at the door and looked at him.

“Get the toy, Cooper,” I said, looking over at the ball that was still on the patio, right where he had dropped it.

Cooper looked at me and trotted over to the grass, sniffing around a couple of seconds before running back to me without the ball.

Get the toy, Cooper,” I said again.

Again, Cooper trotted over to the grass — right by the toy on the patio — and returned to me without it.

It was then that I paused, trying to figure out what was going through this little dog’s mind and why he had suddenly gone inextricably blind.

“Get the ball, Cooper,” I tried.

And with that, Cooper ran straight to the beloved yellow tennis ball, grabbed it and dashed back to the door, ready to go inside.

Yep … my dog really is smarter than I give him credit for …

Cooper Smart 2

Begging for Light(ning)

After a week of ever-increasing temperatures, the skies turned this morning, growing gray and ominous as a rare summer storm overtook the day. I found myself marveling at the power of Mother Nature as my house shook with each clap of thunder that rumbled across the surrounding hillside.

While my animals aren’t bothered by loud noises (thankfully), something about the weather drove the cats to beg … and plead … and demand … that I open the blinds, giving them the chance to watch the lightning dance across the sky and marvel at the source of the noise.

Lightning 01


Lightning 02


Lightning 03

Every once in a while, when the thunder was the loudest, she would look at me almost as if she was saying, “How are you doing that?”

Lightning 04

Of course, wherever Zoey is, Colby isn’t far behind.

Lightning 05

Lightning 06

The two babies of the pack

Both Colby and Zoey enjoyed nature’s show for the better part of the afternoon as the other animals lounged around the house. Just watching their enjoyment easily made this one of the best Sundays I have had in a while.

Animal Randomness 2

Life and work are still a little busy, so it’s another day of animal randomness. Today, it’s all about Zoey.

Zoey … what can I say about Zoey? She is sweet and beautiful and motherly and has a ‘tude beyond all ‘tudes when she really wants to.


Zoey just being Zoey with one of Cooper’s toys. She often has just as much fun with his toys as he does.

ZR 1

Zoey’s new favorite place — sleeping beside me while I work at night.

ZR 3

Sweet, baby Zoey (who is almost 4 years old — how did that happen???).

ZR 2

Sweet, baby Zoey’s foot.

ZR 4

Of course, when you give Zoey too much attention, she does NOT find it all that amusing. This is the look she generally gives me when she is not all that pleased with me.


Animal Randomness 1

Life has been a little insane for me of late. As a result, I haven’t had the chance to post as often as I would otherwise. So, I figured for the next few days, as I catch up on life and housework, I could catch up on posts of animal pictures.


Because I am enamored with my animals and they are a big part of the reason I love my life.

First up is Complete Cooper Randomness …

CR 1

Cooper and his new bud, Colby. She’s decided that he’s warm, nice to her and a really good protector. He just likes that he has another cat who worships him (Taken with my iPhone).

CR 2

I know … I know … this is just the back of Cooper’s head, but he refused to look at me because he was waiting patiently (or impatiently) for the vet to come see him. Have I told you how much he loves his vet? Oh, and that lion toy in the background? Yep, that’s Cooper’s. It’s one of his new favorite toys (Taken with the iPhone).

CR 3

Cooper after walking in a bit of rain. Now, I understand how people with curly hair feel about the rain. His coat is generally wavy, but fairly straight. Add a little water and it gets wild. Oh, and this is AFTER his coat had already dried … poor boy. Probably didn’t help that I mocked him pretty much the whole time (Taken with iPhone).

Another bit of Cooper randomness — this time in story form:

A few nights ago, I was in the bedroom and calling Zoey. While she generally comes when she is called (she knows her name), she refused to respond. Cooper, who had been sitting on the bed and waiting for me to call it a night, seemed to ignore me when I called her name the first two times. By the third time, he jumped up, leapt off the bed and ran into the other room. After a few moments, he returned, herding Zoey to me before jumping up on the bed again and settling in for the night.

Yeah … he might be a little smarter than I give him credit for …

Soul Sisters

The dynamic duo of Zoey and Colby. It’s hard to believe these two didn’t grow up together …

SS 01

SS 02

SS 03

SS 04

SS 05

SS 06

SS 07

SS 08

On weeks when I have wondered if I have taken on too much with work, a dog with a chronic illness, a cat with asthma (Zoey’s official diagnosis) and any number of other issues, all I have to do is look at these two and realize that it is all worth it.

Shades of Summer

There’s a reason that Portland is called the City of Roses … among other things. The entire region is ideal for growing lush rose bushes (along with the aphids and other flies that feast on them — but that’s another story) in the spring and summer. This is just a small sampling of the plants that have exploded during the spring and into the first days of our beautiful, bountiful summer.


Spring 01



Spring 02

Mixed Basket

Spring 03


Spring 04

Spring 05

Spring 06

And More Roses

Spring 07

Spring 08

And, after such a hectic couple of weeks of work, what did I do over the weekend? Spend more time in the garden. There is something deeply religious about working the soil. Between the repeated genuflecting to gently tend the plants to the ritualistic watering and fertilizing and pruning of the new sprouts, I am not sure I could find a greater way to commune with a higher power — whomever she may be.


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