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Three Creek Lake

October 9, 2011

Outside of Sisters, Oregon, down a long and winding dirt and gravel road is an area known as Three Creek. Surrounded by mountains, the area is a little-known but beautiful camping spot tucked in under a shelter of trees. Three Creek gets its name from the three creeks that flow down the mountain into a large lake. Fishing is permitted on the lake, but motor boats aren’t.

Part of the reason the area isn’t well known is that it is only open for a short time each year, depending on the weather. At 6,550 feet, the area is prone to late snow packs. This year, it opened in mid-August and was expected to close Oct. 10. In 2001, it opened as early as Memorial Day. Two years prior, it couldn’t open until Labor Day. When I was there with friends in early September on an 80-plus-degree day (yes, I’m a little delayed posting this), snow still clung to the surrounding mountains and we found small pockets of packed snow and ice hidden under old-growth fir trees that kept them protected from the suns rays.

This was, of course, another adventure for Cooper. While he loves water in kiddie pools, this was the first time he had ever had the chance to traipse through creeks and run along a lake — much of it off-leash. He was hesitant at first, but was soon wadding out in the middle of the water. The only think that stopped him from swimming out in the middle of the lake was an approaching boat. Being the cautious soul that he is, Cooper immediately started barking at the odd-looking (at least to him) contraption and we had to call him back to shore.


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