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Roses and Artwork

December 1, 2011

As the summer came to an end and we wound our way into a cool fall, I took a number of last-minute photos of the flowers in my backyard. While I enjoyed it and I managed to capture some beautiful images, there are only so many photos of roses that one person can share — or even look at themselves.

So, when I found the post of a fellow blogger talking about turning photos into “Abstract Twirls” and took me to another post about how to accomplish this, I realized these photos could find new life. My final images aren’t quite as striking as those created by other bloggers, but I thought they were a nice twist on the everyday photo.

I’ve included below both the original image, as well as the new abstract art image.



They kind of remind me of toys from my childhood. Paint n Swirl (a toy we never had, but the commercials made it look really cool!) or Spirograph, which I absolutely loved — especially when I could find a colored ballpoint pen to use with it.

From → Random Beauty

  1. Thank you for the link, Julie! I’m glad you enjoyed my abstracts, yours are beautiful, too. Flower photos are great for this kind of processing, my favorite is the second one from the bottom.

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate that. You had such beautiful abstracts that it inspired me to try it.

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