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Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia Cat

December 7, 2011

One day a year or so ago, I found catnip plants at Petco. I had never had fresh catnip for the cats, so I decided to buy one. When I got home, I placed it on a table in the kitchen and barely made it into the other room when I heard a crash and the scuttling of little, sharp nails trying to find purchase on linoleum. I ran back in to find Gus trying to drag the entire plant to a safe hiding spot where he could get stoned in privacy. I returned the plant to the table and tried to offer him a sprig instead. He was not to be detoured, though. He returned to steal the plant again and again until it finally died.

Since then, I haven’t invested in more catnip, but I have brought home wheat grass for the cats. It has become Gus’ next favorite plant. Generally, I barely get it out of the bag before Gus is sniffing around and trying to get a mouthful. Thankfully, he hasn’t yet tried drag it off the counter to his private lair.

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  1. hahaha!!! I laughed so loudly at that story :)) Thank you!

  2. Jessy permalink

    Lol yeah me too haha omg! 🙂

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