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You Know Your Dog Has Taken Over Your Life When …

January 7, 2012

As I have said before, when the weather gets nasty outside, I have to find other ways to focus Cooper’s energy. So, I bought a portable agility set to use inside. Little did I know that it would take up so much room.

This is only two of the five pieces that come with the set. That said, it really does wear him out to run these two obstacles over and over again. And ultimately, that’s the point. At least for me.

As with pretty much everything, Cooper has learned how to run these obstacles with a fair amount of ease. But as is also typical of Cooper, he’s also tried to find ways to get the promised treats at the end of the obstacle while exerting as little effort as possible. For the hoop jump, that means running around it, under it and stopping just short of it, sticking his head through the hoop and begging for the treat.

When he finally realizes that he can’t get treats just for being clever, funny or cute, he finally gives in and does what I ask of him.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    He is one SMART puppy!

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