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Winter Wonderland

January 16, 2012

It seems that about once a year, it snows in Oregon. The snow never stays long — sometimes just a few hours, sometimes just a day — but it’s always a nice break from the standard rain, wind and ice fare that is typical during the winter months.

Cooper particularly loves the snow. He’d love it even more if I’d turn him loose in an enormous field of deep drifts, so that he could spin and run and burrow through the powder (and eat as much of it as his little belly can hold), but as I previously learned, that’s not really a great idea.

  1. amazing photography……I am shivering due to chill.

    • Thanks. I kept hoping that the sun would come out so that I could get good some nice contrast shots. But we’ve been surrounded by white — from the sky to the land — for days now.

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