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Pet Exercise

February 23, 2012

Since the first of the year, I’ve tried to exercise on a more regular basis. I walk Cooper every day and hike with him whenever I can, but I wanted to incorporate more. So, I have started working out with circuit training DVDs.

This has apparently confused my animals.

Cooper seems to believe that any aerobic activity is his invitation to run around my legs, shaking his chew toys. He’s also convinced that when I’m doing push-ups, I must be in pain or need help because he sticks his head under mine and tries to keep me from reaching the floor.

And today, Gus decided that the stretching portion was his signal to rub against my legs, chirp, grab my clothes and demand attention.

And no, I don’t have any pictures of Cooper trying to keep me from doing push-ups. It’s a little hard to juggle a camera and hold myself off the ground at the same time. 🙂

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