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First Day of CGC Training

March 9, 2012

I thought it would be bad.

I took Cooper for a 75-minute march through the neighborhood to wear out his legs, his nose and his mind, but still he had energy to spare. I fed him a little early to ensure he had a full belly that I hoped would make him sleepy, but still he had energy to spare. I took him to the dog park, where he ran and ran and ran, but still he had energy to spare.

How did I know he still had energy? He was practically bouncing off the upholstery in the back seat as I pulled up to store for his first Canine Good Citizen training.

I was early, so I left him in the car for a bit to wander through the little strip mall. When I returned, he was whining and yipping, ready to get into his favorite place in the world: PetCo.

He practically dragged me all the way from the parking lot to the front door. And, once inside, he made a beeline for the voice of the person he loves the very most — Leah, his PetCo trainer.

Once the other dog in the class, Maddy, arrived, all hell broke loose. He barked and whined and jumped and yelped and lunged. She did the same.

After all, she has the very same control issues that he does.

While Leah took us through all of the tests that would be covered in the test, the dogs barked at each other, played, lunged and growled. Cooper even felt the need to defend Leah when Maddy, who is sensitive to her paws being touched, grabbed Leah’s hand with her mouth when the trainer tried to pick up her front foot.

After a half an hour, it was time to put the two dogs through their paces.

While the fourth test (walking on a loose leash) was a little concerning because Cooper wanted only to be closer to Maddy as he followed her, he actually passed all of the tests with flying colors. Even the one that was the hardest to believe: walking within 3 feet of Maddy without even flinching.

Could it be? My little stinker has what it takes to actually pass this test?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed. And I will continue working with him, especially on his need to become a barking and growling and lunging mess around other dogs. But for now, I feel good.

And Cooper? Well, after several hours of intense activity and mental stimulation, he came home and immediately started chasing the youngest of the kitty quartet. Why? Because she was there. And its fun — at least for him.

Good to know that some things never change. Even if it does drive me nuts sometimes.

Cooper at his favorite place: the food aisle at PetCo

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