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Iced Dog

March 19, 2012

My dog likes ice.

From what I know of dogs, that trait isn’t particular to him. What is particular to him is that when I’m in the kitchen, he runs to the fridge and practically comes to a sliding stop in front of it, planting his butt and looking at me expectantly, pleadingly, imploringly.

“I want ice,” he says with his eyes. “No, I need ice!”

When I give him a piece, he runs away, happily crunching like mad.

He also likes to take toys outside with him. Again, this isn’t particular to him. Many dogs do it. My dog just tends to do it in his unique Cooper style. He takes the toy outside and drops it, acting like he’s forgotten about it. When he’s ready to come back inside, you have to ask him, “where’s your toy, Cooper?” He then bounds across the back yard and grabs the toy before dashing back to the house. I say he “acts” like he’s forgotten because if you don’t ask about the toy, he will wait, look at you like you’re an idiot and then dash back to grab the prized possession.

What do these two habits have to do with each other?

Well, on a recent day, when it was raining particularly hard, these two traits happened to coincide. Cooper conned me out of another piece of ice and then ran for the back door. I let him out and he ran into the black of night. I figured that was the last I’d ever see of that piece of ice. It would be left in the tall grass and quickly dissolve in the rain.

Uh … Yeah … Not my dog. Not this time.

When I opened the door, Cooper was sitting on the doormat. He looked at me before turning grab the ice that was right next to him. I don’t know if he left the ice on the mat before running out into the rain or if he kept it safely in his mouth the whole time. Either way, he clearly had the potential issues figured out long before he even slipped outside.

As I’ve said before: My dog constantly proves to me that he’s smarter than I am. And I dread the day that he figures out that he’s actually smarter than I am. Because, at this pace, that day will come very, very soon.

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