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I’ve Got You Under My Spell

March 27, 2012

Izzy once again trying to convince me to give into her whims. Her whims, of course, are to give her food whenever she wants it.

Of course, trying to bend me to her will can be awfully taxing, so she decided it was time to give into her second-favorite activity: sleep.

It’s always amazing how wide they can open their mouths. 🙂

The second picture provides a good view of her broken fang (left side of the picture). It’s been that way since before I adopted her. The vet checked it and said it didn’t appear to bother her, so they were happy to just leave it alone.

And despite the spread she currently seems to be sporting on her backside, Izzy has actually lost weight. I haven’t weighed her recently to know exactly how much she’s dropped, but it’s easily 2-plus pounds. All it took was moving her from easy-to-digest food to diet food. Since she doesn’t eat with Gus, who has stomach issues that require him to have expensive, easily digestible food (the things we do for our animals), I realized I could easily switch her over. It’s done the trick. Although, now, she not only eats her food, but she also tries to eat any of Gus’ leftovers.

You know, because she’s starving.

Just ask her. She’ll tell you.

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