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The Not-So-Smart Toy

March 30, 2012

When I need cat supplies, I like to go to the Cat Adoption Team to buy them. The supplies are generally cheaper than I can find anywhere else, and the proceeds of each sale go directly to help cats at the center.

Recently, when I stopped by, I found a toy that is designed to keep cats occupied. It was a round box with several holes in the top and three animal-print balls on the inside. While intrigued, I immediately questioned the claims on the front of the packaging:

Specifically, I questioned the second bullet: “Cats can see balls, but can’t get them out.” I knew this was likely too good to be true, but decided to try it out at home anyway.

Once I put the toy on the floor, it took less than five minutes for Lilly and Zoey to prove that claim wrong.


The leopard-print balls tossed under the dresser with one of Gus’ army men:

Since both Lilly and Zoey have been taught sooooo well by  Cooper, they managed to de-fur one of the toys pretty quickly.

And, given how weird my cats are, it shouldn’t have surprised me when Lilly decided to shove her front legs into the holes of the toy and lay on top of the box. She settled in and almost fell asleep.

The good news is that although the claim was wrong, the balls have been an even bigger hit outside of the little box. They love chasing them around the house. I’ve found them under furniture, behind the litter boxes and in the bathroom. And if I put smelly treats in the box, the cats have to work even harder to figure out how to get them out again. Good to know that the investment was well worth it.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    My (long haired gray boy) cat would totally do the same thing Lily is doing. She probably thinks (just as my guy) that it was ‘specially made fur her!

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