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Swaddled Dog Update

March 31, 2012

Cooper managed to prove me wrong last night. While he generally gets better from these episodes within 24 hours, he managed to only get worse. After a sleepless night with him, I made my way to Carlton Veterinary Hospital, which recently started opening on Saturdays.

Cooper immediately got excited when we pulled up to the front of the facility. After all, the one thing he loves more than PetCo is the vet’s office. I know … I know … Most dogs hate the vet’s office, but what can I say? My dog is that weird and Carlton Vets are that good.

Dr. Amy saw him and was puzzled by his painful posture and whining, yelping episodes. I told her I suspected he had eaten a cat toy. He’s done it before and I have no doubt he will do it again and again and again. Dr. Amy nodded, examined him, took him out in the rain to see if he would pass whatever was bothering him and then escorted him in the back for an X-ray.

I positioned myself in the waiting room and listened to him complain. It’s really unusual for him to protest anything they do, so I knew he was in pain.

After about 15 minutes, Dr. Amy walked out with a thoroughly ecstatic and bouncing pup. In her hand was a rubber glove with a small lump in it. She explained that after taking the X-ray and finding nothing, she took him out for another walk. He immediately passed a small, green, hard plastic piece in mucus.

I nodded.

“I know exactly what that is,” I told her.

Cooper had managed to chew up and eat one of Gus’ army men.

I really try to keep the cat toys away from Cooper. In fact, all of the cat toys are in my bedroom, behind a baby gate, which Cooper has been taught he can’t pass.

The problem is that his bestest little friend in the whole wide world (Zoey) often bats the toys past the barrier and straight into Cooper’s waiting mouth. I’d say she was trying to be nice to him, but part of me now wonders if she’s secretly trying to do him in …

Anyway … Dr. Amy actually laughed when I told her what it was, looked straight at Cooper and said, “What are we going to do with you?”

What, indeed.

Dr. Amy warned that Cooper likely had a few more pieces in his gut and would be in pain as he passed them, but she wasn’t concerned that he would, in fact, pass each of them without the aid of the vets. She sent me home with some pain medicine (for him, not for me, darn it!) and the entire episode cost me $123.

Good thing I like him. I might have been tempted to leave him behind otherwise.

Damn lovable dog …

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  1. Meaue permalink

    I knew it! I knew it ! I had a feeling it was going to be an army man!

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