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Begging for Love

April 2, 2012

As I’ve said before, Cooper and my youngest kitty, Zoey, love each other beyond measure. They play and harass and instigate each other in ways that are often a little scary (try not getting freaked out when your dog pretends to grab a cat by her neck and act like he’s going to swing it around in the same way he tosses around his toys) and entertaining all at once.

I find the funniest times, though, to be in the evening quiet, when they are cuddled together in some random spot. It’s during these times that my dog demonstrates his most extreme examples of neediness. He basically leans into Zoey until she takes the hint and starts to groom him.

Cooper leaning in for loving:

Zoey grooming on Cooper:

Notice how he acts indifferent, even though he’s lapping up every bit of this:

More indifference. More grooming:

Oh yeah … that’s the spot:

Cooper giving me that “what’s so wrong with getting a little attention?” look:

Zoey, just content to hang around as Cooper decides where he wants to lay down again:

Too tired to keep grooming:

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