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See Kitty Fly

April 5, 2012

See kitty?

Kitty’s name is Zoey.

Sweet kitty.

Pretty kitty.

See Zoey looking down?

It’s a long way down, Zoey.

Careful, Zoey. Careful!

See the wall?

The wall helps keep little kitties safe.

Unless kitty is sitting on the wall. And accidentally slides off.

Don’t fall, Zoey. Don’t fall!

Zoey’s owner is upset.

Why is Zoey’s owner upset?

Because she watched Zoey slide off the wall last night.

And heard the loud thump when Zoey hit the hardwood floor below.

Poor Zoey!

It made Zoey’s owner sad.

Poor Zoey’s owner!

Zoey’s owner ran down the stairs.

Zoey was nowhere to be found.

“Zoey!” her owner called as she ran through the house. “Zo-Bo?”

Two minutes later, Zoey was found. Lounging on the floor. No worse for wear.

Zoey’s owner didn’t want to take any chances.

Zoey’s owner babied her all night.

And today, Zoey climbed up on the wall again.

Dumb, kitty. Dumb!


Everything I need to know I learned from “Dick and Jane” books. 🙂

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  1. Meaue permalink

    And she will never stay down again…! Got me one of those ( in fact when I showed my husband, he thought it was a pic of our cat, which does the same thing except on wooden railings a story high)!

    • Oh man! I didn’t want to know that. She’s actually done this for a while and I have been terrified that she would fall … and then she did. I was hopeful (after I found out that she was OK) that she would learn never to do this again. No such luck.

      • Meaue permalink

        Gotta love an “adventure cat” 🙂

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