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Daffodil Days of Spring

April 12, 2012

In Oregon — as in many other parts of the world — the sprouting of daffodils signals the start of spring. They are a sign of new beginnings and are the centerpiece of Daffodil Days, a major fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

When I first planted the papery bulbs last fall along the edge of the stairs leading to my front porch, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I wasn’t even sure they’d thrive in the odd mix of sand and clay I call a front yard.

So when spring arrived, I was more than a little surprised when the first greens pushed through the soil and reached toward the sky. In just a few short days, double blooms topped each stalk (an even bigger surprise because I couldn’t remember what kind of daffodil bulbs I bought so many months ago).

  1. Meaue permalink

    Oh, wow. Those are a variety I have never seen. Beautiful! Are you as anxious for spring as I am? And we’re still getting “weather”. We got hail and thunder today….

    • Hail and thunder? Really? Wow … nothing so bad here so far. I really can’t wait for spring. Especially after the cold summer we had last year.

      • Meaue permalink

        Gosh I hope we don’t get left out of another spring and summer…!

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