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Hawaiian Adventures — Ben’s Birds, Part I

April 30, 2012

My oldest nephew, Ben, is obsessed with birds — at least for now. Since he is still young, his obsessions are prone to change at a whim. But for now, he is fascinated by birds. As such, I decided to take photos of all the birds I could find while in Hawaii — at least those I found in nature. After all, I don’t consider spending $10 for pictures of an exotic bird in downtown Waikiki to be a great prize.

Birds, being birds, were fairly difficult to find. Even those that I did find in the wild were often hard to capture on film. They were skittish and flighty (pun totally intended). Still, I wanted to bring back every picture I could just for him.

Zebra Dove: These are actually found throughout Hawaii, in both urban and rural areas. They were fairly tolerant of people as long as we kept a respectable distance.

Red-Crested Cardinal: Again, these are found throughout Hawaii, but are fairly skittish. They don’t want people too close.

Red-Billed Leiothrix: I generally only saw these in the more tropical, wooded areas. They were very skittish and never wanted to be close to people.

Junglefowl: Yes, these look just like chickens to me, too, but the brochure called them “junglefowl.” They were found mainly in the rural, rainy areas and didn’t seem to be frightened by people — even with their babies near.

Shama Thrush: I saw these in several places, but I was never successful in getting close until I ran into this bird in Waimea Valley. It wasn’t scared of people at all and seemed to look at us with the same interest that we leveled at it.


I will share one more set of bird pictures for Ben tomorrow. 🙂

One Comment
  1. Great shots! I was recently on Kauai and there was a thrush like the one above who would steal people’s breakfast, sometimes right in front of them, at one of the restaurants in Princeville. Here’s a link to a picture of him eating my breakfast. He’s a regular visitor, so much so that the wait staff named him “Richard.”

    Then have a cardinal that does the same thing, and they named him Frank. Frank was a dad getting food for some fledglings though.

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