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The Sun Makes Everything Better

May 11, 2012

I have two cats who are — for the most part — polar opposites.

The first is Zoey — my youngest. While gray in color, she is nothing but sunshine and light. She has never met a person or beast she doesn’t like. She believes she is in the world just to be loved by everyone, and she greets people at the front door. She thinks Cooper is her own personal play thing — even when he’s dragging her around by her front leg. And she loves being held and completely relaxes in your arms when you hold her on her back and rub her belly.

Then there is Izzy — my oldest. A quintessential snowshoe Siamese, she has one person she likes — me. She hides when someone rings the doorbell. She despises Cooper and prefers to act like there are no other animals in the house. She doesn’t like being held and will attack if you dare touch her belly. Her favorite place in the whole world is my bed, and she only begrudgingly shares it with another cat in the deep of the night, when she can be sure that my body safely separates her from the other animal.

So, imagine my surprise when — after dinner — I found the two of them actually snuggling (butt-to-butt, but they were still touching …) on the back of the couch this evening.

Adorable, right?

I don’t know what brought on the happy little moment. I’m betting on the fact that it was the first sunny day in what looks like a long line of warm and beautiful days.

Please forgive the quality of the photos. I had to take them with my iPhone. When I ran to grab my camera, Zoey jumped up to follow me upstairs.

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