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Random Plants and Cat

May 12, 2012

A few weeks ago, I noted that I learned a lesson when I moved my seedlings from the comfort and ease of the house to the harsh reality of the real world (well, a greenhouse-d world, but still, it was outside).

I wasn’t sure that all of the little tomato and pepper plants would make it, but I continued to tend them the same way I tended those that were thriving.

Today, I have 16 tomato plants and 8 pepper plants. All survived. What’s more, all are thriving.

Who’d have thought?

Clearly, I didn’t. I have room for — at most — 6 pepper plants and 6-7 tomato plants. Now, I need to find good, new homes for my remaining little seedlings. I’ve already tried my sister-in-law and one neighbor. There was no room at either inn. And I’m beginning to feel a little like I have a litter of puppies that no one wants. Maybe I should take them to the local shopping mall and try to give them away …

Speaking of animals (like the transition there?) …

My neighbor’s cat has apparently decided to take up permanent residence on my front porch. During the depths of winter, she showed up only infrequently, wanting lots of loves and a little food. I indulged her, first because I thought she was another cat that had been dumped in the neighborhood and I was going to find her a good home, then because I knew she had a family, but she didn’t necessarily like the family’s house.

Through some random questions to the mother of the family, I found out that they consider her an indoor-outdoor cat who prefers to be far from their toddler and they feed her by leaving a bowl of food out. Of course, the neighborhood has its fair share of feral cats that can and will steal her food. I also know that the family has a tendency to leave for several days at a time (over Thanksgiving weekend, during spring break) and simply drop some food outside, thinking that’s enough.

My porch, it would appear, is a little more stable. She has a little more reliable access to food and loves. And, as a reward, she rolled over and showed me her belly yesterday.

  1. Meaue permalink

    If you’re still looking for homes for the pups, I’d love to take something off your hands…. I’m in the Chehalem Mt/Sherwood area…. 😉

    • I might have found homes for all of them. I won’t know until the weekend is over. If I haven’t, I’ll let you know!

      • Meaue permalink

        OK. Thanks. Just don’t want all that loving care to go to waste…. Keep us updated as to how yummy the plant fruit turns out.

      • I appreciate that! I don’t want it to go to waste either, so I’m happy that you’re willing to take in a couple. My parents are going to take a couple, as is one of my neighbors. Once they pick them up this weekend, I’ll know if anything still needs a home. 🙂

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