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Flower Power

May 26, 2012

On this sunny day, I wandered around my little garden and just enjoyed the beauty and peace that surrounded me. I have put in a lot of hard work over the last two years, and now, I have the chance to really enjoy it.

The only logical next step to do is to share it with you.


I can’t lay claim to these. The bulbs were planted in the ground before I bought the house. I have continue to cultivate them, though, so I believe I should get at least a little credit for their beauty each spring.


I have planted a total of 20 rose bushes around my house since spring 2011. The plants have exceeded all expectations this year. This rose bush had at least 39 buds and blooms on it when I took this picture.

Of course, I removed a couple to help make the rose bouquet for my dining room table. There is nothing like the sweet smell of fresh-cut roses in the house.


Dahlias grow large and beautiful in Oregon. And, of course, you can’t beat the color choices you have when it comes to dahlias. 


I absolutely can’t lay claim to this one. It was chosen by Memo, the wonderful man who deals with the insanity of my yard. We have a sort of unspoken rule — I don’t mess (too much) with the lawn, the trees and the front garden (other than a few bulbs planted in two semi-straight lines) and he doesn’t complain about the plants I find to fill the side garden and back yard. Every once in a while, he asks me what color plant I might want when he’s looking for things, but my general response is to shrug and say, “You’d know better than I would” or “I trust your judgment.” So far, the responses have proven to be the smartest things I could say.

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  1. Wait… Let me get this straight… You planted all of these? That is incredible! I give you major props for dedicating the time to do that! Thanks so much for posting this photos!

    ~My Blog

    • Well, I didn’t plant the first — the irises. They were here before I bought the house, but I do take care of them, so I feel like I should get some credit. And I didn’t plant the last — the rododendron. That was the man who deals with my yard. I have hand chosen and planted all the rest, including 20 roses, at least 25 pansies/violas, and multiple blanket flowers, lambs ears, sage, lavender, Columbine, delphinium, tomatoes and pepper plants, among others. Thank you for the compliment. This has truly been a labor of love and I’m happy to share.

      • Yeah I bet it has been! I wish I could visit your yard to take some photos as well! I love taking photos of flowers 🙂 Makes my day! I have a few people near me in this little village that spend a ton of time planting flowers and maintaining them, luckily I’ve been able to go over there and capture their flowers. 🙂 Thanks for the reply though! I’ll be following to see if there’s anything else you post 🙂

      • And I’ll be following you right back. You have amazing photos. And keep loving the simple things. If I had learned that lesson at your age, I think my life would have been much different. It took a great many years to reach that level of wisdom. 🙂

      • Awe, thanks so much for the kind words Julie! I do so enjoy the simple things in life 🙂 Flowers are a big part of that, haha. I love all the micro pictures I see on here at times 🙂 It’s great! Oh, and thanks for following back! That means a lot 🙂

      • Good to know you like the micro photos (and that you realized they were micro, not macro). I really like getting close enough to the flower to capture such incredible detail.

      • Yeah same here for sure! I actually went out and photographed a bunch of new micro pictures of flowers 🙂 They’ll be up in the next few weeks!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could plant those in my garden 🙂

  3. Carol Schaub permalink

    Julie, so good to see you thriving along with your flowers up in Oregon. I have two of the most beautiful Irises and my Mom’s orange roses are the best smelling of all.

    • Thank you! It’s good to know that you read my blog. And that you are enjoying your own gardens. Hope all is well down there!

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