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Never Far Apart, Never From Our Hearts

May 27, 2012

Friends are a funny thing. The term is often thrown around with little regard for its meaning. With little understanding of the reverence that the word really commands.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a good many people through my life, and finding incredible friends during my journeys across the United States. But one of the most incredible groups of friends I have found has been in my own back yard. Well, not entirely … but on the same street.

We all came here from different parts of the country. From Michigan and Missouri. From Washington and California. I am the only native Oregonian among the clan, and even I left to find myself before returning to the state.

Despite our different backgrounds, as friends do, we found a lot of commonalities. We are almost all introverts. We were almost all born under the sign of Taurus. And although we range in age from our mid-20s to our mid-40s, we all enjoy a little cussing, a lot of wine and the rare times we can all come together under one roof and share stories of life and love and the insanity of just trying to get by in the world we call reality.

See, while we all became friends while living on a single street, we have started drifting apart. First, Lea left us, moving her family a few streets over. While she is only a handful of blocks away, we see her less now than ever before. As a nurse, her schedule often gets in they way of frequent visits, but when see her again, it’s like no time has passed.

Allie left us next, moving her family to the hills over the city. It has become our new favorite hangout (despite the scary gravel road you have to take up the mountain to reach her house) because you can see the entire city from her porch and you can imagine that you are queen of the world overlooking your minions in your enormous fiefdom (love that word).

Now, we have learned that Amy will be the next to depart, her family heading cross-country to West Virginia. We are all disappointed to see her leave our ranks, but know that through the wonders of modern technology (thank you, Facebook, Pinterest and many others), she will never be far from us.

In the meantime, we can will always have our infrequent girls’ nights out, where we learn more about each other, laugh and share memories. After all, what more could we want from life than to share it with a few close friends?

The view from Allie’s house

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