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How Much is that Doggie?

June 14, 2012

I took Cooper on a walk today, as I do any number of days. Surprisingly enough, he was really well behaved (note to self: Cooper is far more cooperative if I walk him after he’s eaten).

But the real surprise came when we were several blocks from home. As we walked down the street, a little girl who was probably no more than 5 years old ran toward us from across the street, her little bare feet striking the pavement with a firm determination.

“I like your puppy,” she called as she approached.

I wasn’t really interested in stopping, but I knew Cooper responded well to meeting new people.

“I like your puppy,” she said again as she walked up. “Does she bite?”

I didn’t take offense to the little girl mistaking Cooper for a girl. Many people seem to think he could be female.

“No, he doesn’t bite,” I said as she reached out and started petting him.

Cooper — as any dog would — started backing up to sniff her. She frowned and looked at me again.

“Why’s she scared?”

“He’s not,” I nodded to her. “He’s just sniffing you. It’s what dogs do.”


“Because it’s what dogs do.”

She petted Cooper for a few more seconds, her brow furrowing. Suddenly, she dug her little fist in the pocket of her shorts and pulled out a shiny, new penny.

“I want one,” she said, trying to hand me the coin.

“You want what?” I asked. “You want a puppy?”

She nodded and tried to hand me the penny as she grabbed for the leash.

Yes, the little girl tried to buy my dog for a penny.

In other words: she would have overpaid for the scruffy, little runt had her mother not called her home. 🙂

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  1. Carran permalink

    Such a cure story!

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