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Tomatoes in Summer

June 20, 2012

Five days ago, I took some pictures of my tomato plants and shared them here on my blog. One of the pictures looked like this:

Notice how much room is still left between the top of the plants and the top of the wooden stakes.

Today, I walked out (after being on the road for two days) and was astounded to see the following:

Yes, the plants are now taller than the wooden stakes. In just five days. Is that normal? Or are these just some mutant tomato plants?

Just a beauty shot of some of the numerous blooms on the plants. I am going to be inundated with tomatoes soon. I can’t wait!

From → Balance

  1. Yes that’s normal. Tomatoes are insanely prolific. You might need some stronger and taller supports so they don’t collapse under their own delicious weight! I’ve taken extreme measures this year with six foot tall, two foot wide cages, and I’m so happy I did.

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