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Repost: My Summer Red

July 6, 2012

Glass of Whole Cluster Pinot Noir enjoyed in the Willamette Valley Vineyards tasting room in McMinnville, Ore.

The following is a new post from my new blog: If you love wine — or want to learn more about it — please follow me there, as well.I call it my summer red.

I tend to drink wines not according to the food I’m eating, but according to the season in which I am living. To me, reds – especially bold reds – match the heaviness of winter. Whites, with their subtle and lighter flair, are meant more for the warmer summer months.

This one is the exception.

From Willamette Valley Vineyards, the Whole Cluster Pinot Noir is a lighter version of the standard Pinot. And while Pinots lean toward the lighter side of reds, this one is definitely a gem among them. It still boasts the jammy flavor of a traditional Pinot, but without the heaviness of other reds. The subtle, almost playful, dance across the palate leaves you feeling as though the wine would pair well with anything from fish to a good hamburger.

It is also a nice and accessible wine for people who are a little more reluctant to try reds.

The wine is called “Whole Cluster” because the winery uses the entire cluster — stems and all. Instead of crushing the Pinot grapes, they are placed in a box and carbon dioxide is added. The gas ferments and gently bursts the grapes to release the juice. The resulting wine is both light and rich at the same time. Perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy a glass of red on a hot summer day.

Serving suggestion: The wine is at its most complex when served straight out of a wine fridge or storage kept around 54 degrees. It also holds up very well at room temperature. Just don’t try it any colder than this. Otherwise, the wine’s richness will fall flat.

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