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How Much is that Doggie, Part II — UPDATE

July 18, 2012

The vet called me this morning. She wanted to check on Cooper. He’s doing great. He’s eating and chasing cats and playing and chasing his tail and pooping. All without issues.

But she also wanted to tell me that I had been charged too much for Cooper’s care the day before. It seems that my bill was $170 more than it should have been.

So, when you remove then $170 for the overcharge and the $70 for the heartworm assay and medicine, that means I really paid $617 for his care. I still say that it was the most expensive stool sample in the history of pet care.

The vet offered to send me a check for the difference. I told her to just credit my account. After all, with five little beasties under one roof, it’s very likely that I will be back to their office all-too soon. 🙂

(And, despite the cost, I have to say I have the greatest vets in the world. In all of my travels, I have met numerous vets — some my pets liked and many they did not. Hand’s down, this group of vets is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.)

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