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Night Visitor

July 22, 2012

Just as I was going to bed the other night, Gus decided that he had to visit me. And he had to demand love.

I found two things to be particularly funny about this:

  1. Unlike Izzy, who likes to curl up on my stomach or legs, Gus insisted on being right in my face. I barely managed to get the photo because he wanted to be so close.
  2. This was the culmination of a game of musical cat beds. Usually, Izzy sleeps on my bed, but she has suddenly decided that she likes to sleep on the cat bed on the edge of the garden bathtub (yes, there is a cat bed there because they sleep on it more than I use it), where Lilly generally sleeps. So, the two race for the tub at night. While Izzy and Lilly are posturing over the cat bed, Gus figured out that it gave him the chance to pretty much own the bed. Well … almost own. He still has to put up with me after all.

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  1. Nice close up pet photography!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

    • Thank you! Gus can be hard to take a good picture of, but his eyes are beautiful against his black coat.

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