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Weightlifting Doggie?

August 2, 2012

Yesterday, I bought a new pair of 5-pound weights. I didn’t think much of them. They were simply flat on one side, which is what I needed to do a new exercise that consists of lifting them one at a time while in a plank pose (too much information, I know).

Anyway … I didn’t actually bring them into the house until this morning. As soon as I carried them upstairs, Cooper was sniffing around and trying to grab them from me like they were a new toy.

Why? Because he’s Cooper.

I told him to “leave it” and placed the weights on the floor before heading into my office for a conference call. About an hour later, once the call was done, I heard Cooper trot in. Before I knew what was going on, I heard a “thunk” at my feet.

Cooper had trotted in, carrying one of the weights.

And he tossed it at my feet.

Of course, Cooper — being Cooper — couldn’t figure out why he was getting in trouble for bringing me his new toy.


I took it away and he immediately whined.

I ignored him.

Later in the day, though, I thought it might be good to get a picture (or eight) of him carrying around the weight. After all, who would believe that a 25-pound dog would find it fun to gnaw on a 5-pound weight?

What I didn’t anticipate was that he would become so possessive of the weight once he got his mouth on it again that he would actually growl at me when I tried to take it back. Not his typical, happy “I love playing keep-away” growl, but more the “I’m going to bite off your arm if you keep trying to take my food” growl.

The photos below chronicle the last time he will ever get his mouth on the weight (I hope):

Yes, that would be a bite taken out of the neoprene cover of the hand weight. Nice, right?

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  1. Meaue permalink

    Too funny! Ahem, I mean “naughty Cooper!”

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