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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

August 9, 2012

Zoey has decided that her favorite place to sleep every night is in the dog crate. That’s right … the dog crate.

Doesn’t she look comfortable?

Wait! What’s that? What could those brown things be?

Oh … it’s Cooper … laying on top of the dog crate. Because that’s normal.

Hmmm … this could be interesting …

Think he’ll notice?

Darn it! He caught on!

Guess it’s time to lay down again and relax … after all, teasing Cooper is only fun when he has no idea who’s teasing him.

Keeping it casual …

Keeping it casual II …

What? What’s wrong with this? We’re comfortable.

From → Animals, Cats, Cooper

One Comment
  1. Har! That last pic is fantastic! It should be a postcard.

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