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Kitty Personalities

September 4, 2012

I tend to travel a lot.

Too much, really.


It can be tiring.

But I always love to see how the different animals react to my return.

Cooper, of course, is a frantic, barking, whining mess who bounces and dances and demands attention as I come through the door.

The cats, though, are the funniest to watch.


Izzy greets me by making sure she spends as much time as possible cuddled up next to me on my bed. She purrs and stretches next to me and makes sure she’s pressed close to me — even if it means laying on top of me. She generally spends the entire next day on the bed, waiting for me to spend any spare moment loving on her.

Lilly acts like my return is her invitation to play, play, PLAY! She happily follows me into the bedroom, where all of the cat toys are kept, and watches my every move in case I pick up her current favorite toy — the string. When I do, she flies through the air to catch it (I’d like to say “with the greatest of ease,” but she’s not that graceful and she generally ends up flying through the air only to flop on her back with a sharp thunk!).


Gus pretty much ignores me, hiding away in whatever corner he’s chosen for himself for the day, until dinnertime. When he finally sees me, he generally contemplates me for several long moments before diving into his food. It’s not until after dinner that he tracks me down and slides up beside me, looking for attention. And it’s not that he asks for love so much as he demands it, chirping and trilling at me as he rolls on his side and grabs my hand in his front paws to pull it close to his chest and encourage me to rub and scratch him.

And then there’s Zoey.

My little girl.

My sweet, little girl.

My loving, sweet, little girl.

My happy, loving, sweet, little girl.

My happy, loving, sweet, little girl who loves nothing more than to be held upside down and have her belly scratched.

Yeah … she pretty much acts as if she wasn’t aware I was ever gone the first place.

I don’t know if she’s just so happy about everything that she’s not about to get down over something as small as me being gone or if she’s just completely clueless about the world around her — either way, her reaction is probably the funniest of them all.

And I adore her for it.


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