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Krazy Kitties

September 11, 2012

Yes, it is more random animal observations/stories and pictures.  Please bear with me. I find it fun to share these stories, mainly because I marvel at how weird my animals can be.

Zoey & the Ladder

The other day, my friend, Allie, came over to help me hang pictures in my house. Every time I tried to do it, I’d get bogged down in finding the ideal spot, which seemed impossible. Allie was able to walk right in and find the perfect place for each one of them.

The process, of course, required a ladder.

For Zoey, that meant a new perch … or maybe it was meant to be another toy … or a throne, from which she could watch her minions.

Gus & the Laundry

The other night, I thought I would fold my laundry. It’s a chore I hate, but it needs to be done.

Apparently, Gus didn’t understand. After all, why would you fold a perfectly comfortable bed?

Zoey & the Bread

No pictures with this one. And I am only partially sure it was Zoey … but …

While making my lunch today, Zoey paced the kitchen, telling me that she was hungry. She had just eaten about two hours before, so I wasn’t about to give her more food.

When I left the kitchen, I placed a loaf of bread on the counter. I didn’t think twice about it.

Upon returning, I realized the bread bag had a hole in it. As I got closer, I saw that it actually had a second, larger hole torn in the edge.

Then, I realized that a half-eaten piece of bread was laying on the floor. Since Cooper had been upstairs with me, I knew he hadn’t been the one to indulge. The only other option was one of the cats.

As I walked around the kitchen, looking for evidence of further indiscretions, I found Zoey stretched out in one of the dining room chairs, practically in a carb coma.

Yeah, I’m only partial sure … but I think she was the culprit.

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