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Cat in the Case

October 7, 2012

After traveling for almost a week for work, all I wanted to do is unpack my suitcase. Of course, Lilly had other ideas. As soon as I opened it, she was inside, exploring it and making it her home. Every time she left, I would pull out more clothes, but that only drew her back to once again claim the case as her own.

I’m not entirely sure if she was trying to tell me that I couldn’t pack up and leave again or if she was trying to make sure she got to go with me the next time I travel.

Either way, her reaction was funny to watch … at least it will be until I try to put the case away until the next trip.

This last photo makes me laugh. Lilly clearly is trying to intimidate with her look, but she wasn’t giving me the look. She was actually leveling it at Gus, who decided to sidle up beside me as I was taking her photo. She was making sure he knew that she was not about to give up her new bed.

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