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iPhone Animals

October 21, 2012

Sometimes, all I have available to take photos is my iPhone. I would love to think I could carry my camera everywhere, but I’m not that talented … or smart …

Instead, like the numerous Americans shackled by technology, I take my phone everywhere with me. Everywhere. All the time (unless it’s charging, which has to happen every day). Even to bed.

So, sometimes, my phone is all I have when my animals are being … well … cute. At least to me.

I thought I’d share a few of the recent animal moments I caught on the iPhone. Not all are perfect, but that’s the fun of taking random photos with a device that sometimes has a hard time focusing.

Izzy Stalking Me

One morning, Izzy decided she was hungry far earlier than she should have been, so she decided to try to stare me into submission — both near and from afar.

Lilly Loves & Izzy Cuddles

The last few nights, Lilly has decided to join me on the bed, snuggled as close to my face as possible. Izzy, of course, still likes to sleep on top of me, too. It makes getting a great photo of the two of them a little difficult.

Petco Pup

Since it has started raining again, I have taken Cooper to the local Petco a couple of times to burn off a little energy. It allows him to sniff around, greet people and run through his tricks in a secure place. Of course, sometimes, he has to pout to let me know he’s not happy that he has to wait for a treat.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    Too darn cute, but what about the Gus boy?!

    • Ohhh … good point! I thought I had posted a couple of Gus that I had taken with my iPhone at the same time I took some of Izzy. I guess I didn’t manage to get them online. Just consider this iPhone Animals #1. More to come. 🙂

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