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Reality TV?

October 25, 2012

My dog is weird.

My dog is weird and believes that dogs on TV are real.

He also believes other four-legged animals on TV have the potential to be another dog.

Like a cow. Could be a dog.

And a horse. That could be a dog, too.

And a bear. Yep. It could be a dog.

But never a cat. Nope, he knows that cats are … well … not dogs.

And how does he react when he sees a dog on TV? He runs straight at the TV, barking and growling and trying to sniff the screen for his new friend/foe/playmate/competitor.

Yep. He’s an idiot.

And now that Target has come out with its new holiday commercial with a giant dog running through the streets, I will get to listen to his idiocy for the foreseeable future.

Oh joy.

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  1. That’s fantastic! My cat watched the Kitty Halftime Show on Animal Planet broadcast during this year’s Superbowl…and acted like he was really engaged. Fun stuff!

    • LOL … my cats have watched the TV from time to time, but never when cats are on, interestingly enough.

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