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Another Round of Roses II

November 9, 2012

Tuscan Sun.

It was the very first rose bush I planted in my new yard. At my new house.

The rose bush was small when I bought it — no more than 18 inches tall. The slight plant held no buds, so I couldn’t be sure of the color, but the tag described mid-sized blooms of apricot to apricot-pink. Based on the description alone, I was hooked.

Since I planted it in one of the coldest summers, the bush was slow to grow, but once it got established, it produced a bounty of roses. And it continues to be one of the most colorful and prolific rose bushes in my garden.

On this bright fall day, I decided it was time to share late October pictures I took of my Tuscan Sun rose when it decided to light up the garden with a brilliant display of color.

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