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Tired, Cuddly Animals

November 10, 2012

Today, my family joined me at my house to celebrate my grandmother’s 94th birthday. Her date of birth is actually tomorrow, but we had people coming in from more than 100 miles away, so we wanted to get together on Saturday.

For the family, it was a wonderful time.

For my animals, however, it was quite another story.

Cooper, of course, was in his element. He loves people, but spends his day running from person to person to get loves and make sure everyone is in their appointed places.

While Zoey enjoys the company, she pretty much just weaves in and out of the crowd and tries to find a comfortable place to lay. Lilly stays out of the way, coming out for a few loves and food, but not really bothered by the idea of company.

Izzy and Gus, though, are not fans of people invading their space. Izzy hides until dinner time and Gus flat out refuses to emerge until all of the guests have left and the house has been silent for at least 30 minutes or longer.

After tonight’s party, Izzy, Cooper and Gus each came to me, in turn, looking for some loves. And, as of now, they are all snuggled close to me on the couch, wanting just a little more attention before bed.

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  1. Firstly happy birthday to your granny!!!!!!!!!! :-).
    Sounds like your fur babies got all the attention she desired in the end, even for the those 2 that weren’t too impressed with the crowd 🙂

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