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Reflections of an “Adult” Pup

November 20, 2012

See Cooper? He’s all grown up and waiting patiently for me to stop goofing around in the Lowe’s store.

Yes, during a recent trip to Lowe’s, Cooper was the one acting like an adult. He attentively walked by my side without trying to tug me in the direction of whatever strange scent he wanted to inspect in the moment. He looked at me rather than bark or whine at every passing person to get attention. He sat and waited when I told him to. He even ignored a piece of paper on the ground when instructed to “leave it.”

What amazing progress.

It seemed like just yesterday, I had to fight him every time we went into the store. I had to watch his every move. And I had to have a pocket full of treats to distract him when he decided to run amok. (AMOK! AMOK! AMOK!)

It was almost like I had a completely different dog.

Of course, about five minutes after taking this picture, I was walking Cooper down the aisle when he launched into a growling, yelping, barking, lunging fit that brought store employees running to see what was wrong.

The problem?

My dog mistook his reflection in the sliding glass door leading to the gardening department for another dog.

And with that, I knew that my dear, spastic, insane, reactionary little doggie hadn’t gone anywhere. He was still in there, just waiting to burst forth at the most inappropriate and embarrassing moments.

Good to know.

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