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Cooper Condition Update

December 5, 2012

Yesterday, I finally heard from the internal medicine vet. One week after Cooper’s surgery, the full results from the pathologist came back. It showed that the pain Cooper has been experiencing is not all in his head.


Apparently, Cooper has inflammation in a portion of his colon. The internal medicine vet is convinced that it has to have been caused by his food. He said that would also explain why we went through about six different foods when he was a pup before we could find one that didn’t give him diarrhea.

The good news is — if the vet is correct — it should be fairly easy to treat.

The bad news is that Cooper will have to be on a very, very, very strict diet for at least the next eight weeks.

No treats.

No veggies.

No slugs.

I already had him on grain-free food, so I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be feeding him. He told me that I needed to pick up a hypoallergenic food from Cooper’s regular vet, who was already prepared to help with the feeding instructions. After reading the bag, I have to say that Cooper is likely to be in hog heaven. First, it’s venison and sweet potato. I know he loves venison, so that alone will be a hit. Also, with his grain-free food, he received one cup of food a day. Now, he will get two cups (he’s supposed to get quite a bit more if I follow the feeding instructions on the back of the package). I have a feeling I’ll have to adjust the amount several times over the next few weeks.

The internal medicine vet — along with Cooper’s regular vet — also prescribed additional medicines. Thankfully, Cooper no longer seems to need the pain medicine, but he is now on:

  • Hypoallergenic food — it’s $33 for a 7.5-pound bag, so I consider it the equivalent of medicine
  • Benadryl — for itching as his hair grows back in where he was shaved. It’s driving him nuts. Kind of like having a bikini rash … only on a dog
  • An anti-itch powder — it wouldn’t seem like a powder would be a big deal, but I have to use it sparingly and he can only be on it for a week because it’s something very powerful (some form of a steroid?). Like I said, the itching is driving him nuts. I’ve never seen a dog act so dramatic
  • Prilosec — once a day to try to keep him from having another painful episode
  • Zantac — to be used only when he starts to have a painful episode
  • Prednisone — only to be given for a painful episode. I have to contact a vet first, though

My kitchen counter currently looks like a mini-pharmacy. And I have to call the internal medicine vet once a week with updates. Cooper returns to the surgeon in a week to get his stitches out, and then makes a trip to the internal medicine vet in two weeks for a check up. In between, I’m sure we’ll make a trip or two to his regular vet if for no other reason than he likes her.

Keep your fingers crossed that this takes care of the problem. I’d be very, very happy if he never experienced pain like this ever again.

Coop Itch

Cooper pouting this morning because he itched and wanted to let me know he was not happy

Coop Itch 2

Cooper wearing his inflatable e-collar and new T-shirt to try to protect his sides from his need to itch

Coop Itch 3

Cooper was NOT happy about being forced to wear a T-shirt

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  1. Susan Berger permalink

    LOL…love the “no slugs” in the diet part!

    • Well, this IS Cooper we’re talking about. Slugs are good in his opinion. The vets keep telling me that they should cause him to drool or foam at the mouth, but he never reacts to them, which is why it’s so weird that he could be suffering a food allergy. Guess it’s the difference between a natural diet and a processed one. 🙂

  2. Amy Johnston permalink

    He looks so darn cute in his t-shirt! So glad he is doing better and you have a grip on what to give him for his diet! Love that little nut job! Happy for you guys. Dogs are exactly like kids! You want the best for them but you are cussing inside a little about the doctors bill, huh?!? Fingers crossed this is thr end of thr road for a hurtin belly!!

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