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Another Cooper Update

December 16, 2012
Update 1

Cooper hiding his head between two doggie beds because the future was far, far too bright

It’s been 11 days since I gave a Cooper update. It has been a busy and intense 11 days.

Update 2

Cooper letting me know just how much he doesn’t like his new shirt. I had to get a new one for him because the other one was covered with vomit.

Cooper seemed to be getting better, but then took a turn for the worse just over a week ago. Suddenly, he started vomiting for no reason. He acted like he felt fine, but vomited either food or bile a total of six times in about 17 hours. Most of the puking occurred between 2:10 and 8:50 a.m.

At 9 a.m. on Saturday, I managed to get in touch with his regular vet, who had me come in so that she could give him an anti-nausea injection. We decided that the switch from his regular dry food to the new hypoallergenic dry food could have been the cause, so she told me to put him purely on the hypoallergenic wet food until I could get in touch with the internal medicine specialist.

In thinking about it, I have to wonder if part of the problem was caused by the fact that I can’t give him pumpkin in his food anymore. Pumpkin is a natural source of fiber, so he received two spoonfuls of it in each meal with his dry food before he was switched to the strictly-hypoallergenic-no-exceptions-and-no-deviations diet.

After getting his vomiting under control, I thought he would be better. But by the next day, Cooper had gone from a happy-go-lucky pup to a down-and-out dog. I contacted the surgeon, who suggested that he was probably just sore after all the vomiting.

Update 3

Cooper starting to feel better and letting me know it.

Finally, by Monday afternoon, he was feeling like his old self again. The internal medicine specialist finally called me at 8 p.m. to discuss the latest developments. He agreed that the food transition could have happened too quickly, so he decided that Cooper needed to be on an all-wet-food diet for the next two weeks.

Have I mentioned that the wet food is more than $3 a can?

And that Cooper is supposed to eat up to a can and a half a day?

If it keeps him from having more episodes, the diet will definitely be cheaper than vet visits, but it’s still darn expensive.

On Wednesday, we headed back to the surgeon, who removed the stitches and then played with him a bit. She warned me that while he was well on his way to healing, he would likely feel more tired than usual for the next week or so.

Update 4

Feeling far, far better and bringing me toys.

And when we got home, Cooper let me know just how tired he really was. He collapsed on my lap and let me know that he had to have his belly rubbed.

The next day, I was finally allowed to have him groomed. He had the stench of days at the vet’s office and vomit soaked out of his coat and he came home with more energy and fight than he’d shown in weeks.

He even talked back to me.

And tried to eat an errant Christmas light while we were on a walk.

Yep, I finally have my Cooper back.

Update 5

Cooper in a clean shirt, ready to go to the vet.

Update 6

Cooper immediately after getting his stitches removed. He was sooooo happy!

Update 7

When we got home from the vet, Cooper wanted nothing but belly rubs.

Update 8

Who can refuse a look like that?

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  1. Oh poor Cooper has had it rough. So glad to hear he is feeling better and back to his old self. What surgery did he get done? I better go read up on your previous posts.

    • Thanks! I’m glad he’s doing better, too. He had exploratory surgery to try to determine what could be causing him such bad stomach pain. They think its a combination of things, but possibly inflammatory bowel disease caused by a food allergy. They found an area of IBD in his colon. Also found some factor on his stomach that is found in humans who have ulcers.

  2. Meaue permalink

    Poor Super Cooper. I’m glad he’s feeling better! But he looks so dang cute in those shirts! A tie shirt for the executive Cooper, tye dye for the super relaxed Cooper… One for every attitude. 😉

    • Lol … That would be great, but Cooper HATES wearing the shirts — or any clothes for that matter. 🙂

      • Meaue permalink

        Yes. I can tell by the look on his face….humiliation! He doesn’t realize how dapper it makes him look!:)

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