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More Cooper-dom

December 19, 2012

As we continue through the fun of trying to equalize Cooper’s stomach issues, we seem to have good days and bad.

Tuesday apparently was destined to be a bad day.

If you didn’t know Cooper, you might not have noticed, but the subtle signals were enough to set off my warning bells. He started by waking me with a very quiet whine at 6 a.m. While generally vocal, Cooper doesn’t whine me awake unless he isn’t feeling well. I let him out, and when he came back in, I offered him food, but he wasn’t all that interested. Again, it was a warning sign. I decided to not panic and take a quick shower. By the time I returned, he wanted his food.

After two Zantac doses and 36 hours of worrying, Cooper finally started to turn around again. By Wednesday afternoon, he was bringing me toys to play fetch. And a visit to Petco, where he got to greet everyone and tell me off in his own personal style when I scared him by shoving a stuffed dog at him (for some reason, when we’re in Petco, he believes that the stuffed dogs used to display different pet paraphernalia are real), left him feeling happy and practically spry.

But the real indications that he was feeling better came when we returned from the store, when he (in rapid succession):

  • Demanded ice and happily chomped through every single one of them — while sick, he either doesn’t want ice at all or doesn’t want to eat it
  • Clambered up on the back of the loveseat to sit on Zoey’s head — he hasn’t climbed on the back of the couch or cuddled with Zoey in weeks (I did make him move when I realized that her eyes were about to bulge out of her head)
  • Humped the cat bed — yes, that’s right, he humped a cat bed. He’s fixed and never has the desire to hump anything but cat beds. And he only does that when he has an abundance of energy … or is trying to show off for company (don’t even get me started about how embarrassing that is)

Despite the embarrassment, I definitely prefer seeing the spunky and feisty Cooper return. There is nothing quite like him.


Cooper sitting on Zoey for the second time. I made him move the first time after he sat on her head.


I’m not sure Zoey likes this any better.


At the end of the day, all Cooper really wants is to cuddle with Zoey, his best friend in the whole world.


And, honestly, Zoey likes to cuddle with Cooper, too.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    That is just too precious. My husband thinks you staged it but I say no way! I know their love for each other!

    • Lol … There is no staging those two. They have complete minds of their own. And yes, they have a deep, deep love for each other. Never seen anything like it.

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