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Persistent Pup

December 22, 2012

My sister-in-law calls my dog obstinate.

I’d like to take offense, but you can’t really be offended by the truth.

Ever since his latest bout of illness, I have found Cooper to be a little more obstinate than usual. Given how stubborn and determined and demanding he is to begin with, I wasn’t sure it was possible.

Clearly, I was deluding myself.

Since he’s been sick and owie, Cooper has been even more needy. Or, as his vet noted, even more spoiled. He has wanted more of my time and attention. He lays in my lap whenever he gets the chance. And he’s not happy being separated from me.

The latter has become problematic. Especially when you figure in his intelligence. Or stubbornness.

See, when he was very young, I managed to teach him that he was never ever allowed to jump over baby gates. It’s an important trick that I learned in a Cesar Millan book and has come in very, very handy. It allows the cats to escape him when they want a little time alone and it keeps him away from the litter boxes — not that he’s ever shown an interest in that, but I don’t want to tempt him at all. He has only jumped a gate once and quickly learned that was not allowed. He has never jumped any barrier since without permission.

But … apparently, if a doggie is really, really determined, he can find a way around the barrier without jumping it.

Fence 2

Cooper on the other side of the pet/baby gate

Fence 1

He has always hated being on the other side of the gate from me, but he now seems to despise it even more.

Fence 3

So, what’s Cooper’s solution? If you can’t go over, then you must go through …

Fence 4

Little stinker can’t figure out why he got in trouble for this.

When I scolded him for this, he looked at me with this “What? I didn’t jump it! What’s so wrong?”


It’s good to have the real Cooper back — the one who feels good and enjoys life — but he has reminded me once again just how maddening it can be to stay ahead of how his little mind works.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    Intelligent AND logical. He didn’t cheat because he knows he can’t jump it but Mom never said anything about pushing past! Right? So no troubles in his big ol’ logical mind….

    • Lol … I’m convinced if he were human, he’d be on of those frustrating kids who’d find every loophole possible to get his way … What am I saying? He’s a dog and he does that now. 🙂

  2. Amy Johnston permalink

    I love and miss Coop so stinking much! I love that story and it shows just how smart that pup is! And determined just to let you know it! 😀

    • Aww, Amy! You know how much we love and miss you, too. He still tries to make a beeline for your house when we’re out on walks.

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