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Dog Shaming & Other Christmas Pet Weirdness

December 25, 2012

As I have said before, the only way to shame my dog in any way is to put clothes on him. He is not the type to bow his head and tuck his tail if he’s scolded. Instead, he generally looks you straight in the eye and gives you the “yeah, what of it?” looks when he gets in trouble for doing something he shouldn’t.

So, my only real recourse is to dress him up. For when forced to take the form of some little pampered dog, he turns into a complete pouty mess.

Christmas 1

I took him to see his friends at Petco in a Santa suit. Doesn’t he look happy?

Christmas 2

He didn’t even want to look at me most of the time.

Christmas 3

Finally, a halfway decent shot.

Christmas 4

Of course, on Christmas day, I had to dress him in his “Santa’s Favorite” T-shirt.

Christmas 5

Can we say “Pouty McPouterson”?

Christmas 6

And more pouting. He forgot about the shirt as soon as company showed up, but this was too funny … at least for me.

With the cats, the only thing you have to do to upset their world is have company come over. Holidays, of course, pose a significant issue with regard to this. Zoey is the only one of the four who has no problem with company. She greets them as if they pretty much belong in the house. Lilly could go either way — take ’em or leave ’em. Izzy wants to leave ’em, but will come out when it’s time to eat.

Gus, though … well … he hates any sort of company and won’t come out even when it’s dinner time. Instead, he hunkers down in the nearest cubby. Today, he decided that he had to spend the entire day in the comfort of his cave.

Christmas 7

Gus, letting me know he is not about to come out.

Christmas 8

Someone closed a door and this was as much as he would move — he wasn’t about to venture out and see what was going on.

Christmas 9

He spent the entire day in his cave bed, only coming out once when I brought food in to the bedroom where the cave is located. Even then, he stretched his neck out as far as he possibly could and nibbled a few kibbles before deciding it was too scary and hiding again.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    SO cute!! He’s probably thinking, “why don’t you try this in the cats, see how well they do?”

  2. That first pic is AMAZING!

    • Yeah, Cooper doesn’t have much of a poker face, does he? When he’s irritated, the whole world knows it. 🙂

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