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Yet Another Cooper Update

January 20, 2013

It has been almost two months since Cooper’s major stomach issues sent us on a trip to the emergency vet and subsequent exploratory surgery. Since then, the days have been filled with trying to get his food schedule just right, watching for any signs of stomach upset and worrying over his limited desire to play.

He is down to one medicine that he receives every day — Prilosec. As long as he continues to improve, he will likely get it for the rest of his life. When his stomach seems to be bothering him, he gets a quarter tab of Zantac. He gets a very special and very expensive mix of wet and dry food made from venison and sweet potatoes and little else.

When I first got him home, I tried to feed him on the same schedule I had before the issues — twice a day, no more than 13 hours apart. Previously, if he went longer than that, he’d throw up. But his stomach issues seemed to come faster than before, so I started giving him a bit of wet food right before bed. Just this past week, I added a fourth feeding — a snack, really — in the middle of the day.

Thankfully, I work from home or else we’d be in big trouble.

Along the way, he’s had a few setbacks, although they are coming more infrequently. And, the most recent was caused not by Cooper’s stomach, but by his … well … normal Cooper-ish behavior. Specifically, he started eating berries off a fire bush in my backyard. He’d never touched it before, but suddenly started hanging around it when I would let him out. When I followed him, I found him rooting around in the bark, trying to uncover more of the berries.

We moved the plant the very next day. By the following day, he was already feeling better.

After three or four days of four feedings, a daily Prilosec and no access to fire bush berries, Cooper’s energy about went through the roof. I know I’ve said before that he is getting back to his old self, but this is the first extended period of time when he has begged me to play each morning, brought me squeak toys every afternoon and started talking back at me when I wouldn’t give him his way.

Yep, my pup is back. Annoyingly back.

It’s wonderful to see him getting closer and closer to the dog that has driven me nuts every day for more than two years now.


Cooper and Zoey cuddling on the couch one evening. See all the toys in the background? Yep, Cooper has been on a toy-playing rampage.


Cooper and Zoey love.


It’s not enough for these two to lay together. Cooper’s feet have to be ON Zoey or else they aren’t close enough.

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