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Special Food is Not Just Good for the Dog

February 3, 2013

Cooper’s new specialized diet comes in cans.

Well, it doesn’t have to come in cans, but it seems as though wet food is easier on his poor digestive system.

The food is a whopping $84 for 24 cans, which come in shallow boxes that hold 12 cans each. While Pinterest has provided many ideas of what to do with the cans we empty at a rate of one per day, I have yet to find a use for the boxes.

But my cats have stepped up to the task.

Gus Box

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  1. Meaue permalink

    Yes, and then they will pile up at you at a rate that makes them passé for the cats! Luckily, They come in handy for me for for my crafts (and “neat box” hoarding) until recycle day and some one takes them out to the curb. But I always have another one coming… They really are handy… A small tray, if you will.

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