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Bitty Kitty and the Lights

February 7, 2013


Whatever can I say about Zoey?

Mere words don’t seem adequate.

She is curious. And determined. And spastic. And stubborn. And she often stares at you with this big, blank expression.

No wonder she’s Cooper’s best friend.

Her latest fascination is with the lights that hang over the island in the kitchen.

She’s actually been fascinated with them for a while, but she is a tiny kitten and has had a hard time reaching them.

Until recently.

After months of trying different positions and methods, Zoey has finally figured out that by standing on the very tips of her hind feet and stretching to her full length, she can smack the bottom of the light with her front paw. The sound of paw striking glass is a bit like the flat peal of a clapper hitting the side of a cracked bell.

Tonight, she decided to hit the light repeatedly.


Because she’s Zoey.

And she’s Cooper’s best friend.

And if she’s learned one thing from Cooper, it’s to be persistent. And irritating.

Lights 1

Zoey contemplating the light. She can’t take her eyes off it.

Lights 2

See how small Zoey is and how high up the light is? Yep, doesn’t seem to make a difference to her.

Lights 3

I turned on the light so I could take a picture, but then found that while Zoey was still fascinated by the light, she didn’t want to try to reach for the white-hot ball o’ light. Guess she’s not as dense as I thought. 🙂

Lights 4

Strike 1!

Lights 5

Strike 2! It looks like she didn’t hit it, but trust me — she did.

Lights 6

After all the excitement, she had to rest and recuperate.

I had hoped the action shots would turn out better, but I was taking them with my point-and-shoot camera, and it was fairly dark out. Perhaps next time I can grab pics of her during the day with my real camera.

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  1. Susan Berger permalink

    LOL…what a nut! That is just hilarious. Try and catch it on video!

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