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Tulips in the Sun

April 9, 2013

A year and a half ago, I planted these tulip bulbs that were supposed to be a color of sunset. When they burst forth from the ground a year ago, I was a little disappointed. Instead of being the color of sunset, they were yellow.


Not a bad color, but definitely not what I expected.

Within a couple of days, though, they started to take on beautiful shades of orange. So beautiful that I was blown away.

This year, the tulips came back stronger than before — each planting produced multiple flowers, meaning I could probably split and replant the bulbs this fall without a problem. And while the first flowers were yellow, they quickly took on the orange hue, producing the brilliant colors of a sunset right in my front yard.






Now, the tulips are taking on a brilliant neon-orange color, letting me know that they are almost spent for the year. I will enjoy every last moment with them, though, because this time of year — when we aren’t sure if the day will give you sun or clouds — you have to appreciate every bit of color you can find.

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  1. The bright color will certainly brighten anyone’s day.

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