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The Surprise in the Planter

May 2, 2013

Every year, in the spring, I get planters to hang on my front porch. While they can be a pain to maintain, I love the looks of them. They add a nice pop of color to the world.

This year, because the spring was so warm, I was able to get them a little earlier than usual. I found three beautiful baskets and hung them as soon as I could. I even prepped the drip line into each one, even though I knew I didn’t plan on turning on the watering system anytime soon.

Nest 1

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that one of them, in particular, was looking a little flat on top. It was growing well on all sides, but the top seemed — well — stunted.

Today, I pulled out the ladder so that I could fertilize each of the planters and get a closer look at the one that seemed so stunted.

Nest 2

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that …

Nest 3

Hidden in the basket was a little bird’s nest.

Nest 4

I tried not to disturb it, but I had to pull down the planter to see if there was an egg. I didn’t want the nest in there if it had already been abandoned, but I didn’t want to take the nest if there was an egg in there. Besides, since I had already accidentally watered the nest, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t drowned a hatchling.

Thankfully, one little robin’s egg was cradled within the nest. And the nest itself, despite being watered, wasn’t saturated and looked like it would dry fairly quickly. I replaced the planter, hoping that the momma bird would return. She has been hanging around my yard, scrounging for grubs and other food. I decided it was time to set out the bird feeders, so that she would have easy access to food for her and her baby.

Nest 5

This is the second year that I have ended up with a nest in one of my planters. I think this is a sign that I need to get some bird houses. I just have to find a good and safe place for them.

  1. I love it! I once had a bird nest and lay eggs in a partial screened in porch. It was so fun watching the babies be hatched and then learn how to fly. Enjoy!

    • I hope this one hatches! I plan on leaving it alone as much as possible so it has a fighting chance. I hope the drip line doesn’t end up bothering it.

  2. Meaue permalink

    Sweet! We had a hummingbird nest out our window at work and watched the babies grow and fly off, all within 18 days!

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