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Catnip Confidential

May 10, 2013

Anyone who has ever questioned a cat’s sense of smell has never walked into a house with fresh catnip.

Last month, I planted fresh catnip in a couple of planters with other mint plants (catnip, after all, is a form of mint) and set it outside. It has been growing steadily for a few weeks now, through rain and wind and intense sun. Today — on a day when the weather seemed fairly mild (at least in the morning) — I found several stalks broken on the plant. Based on the long, ginger-colored hair, it was clear that one of the neighborhood strays had mauled the plant for its own pleasure.

I snipped off the broken stalks and carried them inside, debating whether I should give them to the cats or put them in the compost pile. I got my answer the moment I stepped into the kitchen.

Three of the cats came running … running to the kitchen island, where I was standing. I grabbed a glass, filled it with water and set it in front of them.

This was the result:

Catnip 1

From left, Zoey, Lilly and Gus all check out the fresh catnip.

Catnip 2

Catnip 3

Catnip 4

Gus loves him some catnip … of course, he truly loves it when he can have it all to himself.

Catnip 5

Catnip 6

Gus’ reaction was not all that surprising. As I have said before, he does love his catnip (although, he’s never been big on just having a few leaves). Zoey and Lilly, though, really surprised me. They have shown mild interest, at best, in the dried stuff, so I wasn’t expecting much from fresh.

And where was Izzy in all of this? The same place she always is when normal cat excitement abounds — watching the other cats from around the corner. She generally doesn’t join the fray, but will quietly check out the new treat when the others have tired of it and disappeared.

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  1. Must. Try. This!!!!

    • I definitely recommend it. It was amazing to see them all come running from different parts of the house.

  2. Amy Johnston permalink

    I love the picture of Gus licking his lips! Yummy!

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