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2013 Flower Power

May 14, 2013

We have had the advantage of early heat in Oregon, but the flowers in my backyard seemed determined to hold back from showing their glory to the world. The flowers in my front yard bloomed early, and those from my neighbors’ yards were exploding with color.

However, the plants behind my fence stubbornly produced multitudes of buds, but seemed to refuse to put on flowers.

Until this week, that is.

What was the difference?

Well, last week, many of the roses were still being eaten by aphids. Despite how many times I sprayed them with soap-based pesticide (try four times in two days) and how many aphids I managed to melt with the toxic mixture, I couldn’t stay ahead of the little buggers.

Over the weekend, I had the exterminator come out.

While I hate having to go to such extreme measures, my house tends to attract hornets and wasps during the summer. The aggressive creatures build their nests on the dark-colored eaves of my house and in any little crack they can find on my porch before they try any other house on the block. The first year I was here, the hornets were so thick on my front porch that I couldn’t walk out my front door without the angry insects dive-bombing me.

While I already had the exterminator out in late March because the mild winter and early spring weather ensured an early return to the stinging beasts, I had to have him return to spray re-emerging insects only six weeks later because they had already returned in droves (yes, it will be a bad year for pests). At the same time, I had him spray the roses for aphids, being careful to steer clear of the front porch, where the robin has nested. The pesticide he uses is supposed to be environmentally friendly and safe for animals, but I still worry about how it could harm my pets.

Regardless, killing the aphids seemed to do the trick. The moment they were gone, the flowers exploded, ready to show their color and beauty.

May 1

May 2

My newest experiment. Hopefully, I can keep them growing and beautiful.

May 3

My irises finally bloomed — a full week and a half after others in the neighborhood. I need to dig them up this year and separate the bulbs so they thrive next year.

May 4

May 5

May 6

May 7

My sage — I know I’m not supposed to let it flower, but I find the flowers too beautiful to cut back.

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  1. Meaue permalink

    What a beautiful yard…just beautiful!

    • Thank you! It is a labor of love … as are the animals … and the blogs … and writing … and housework … and sleep … and … 🙂

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