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Surprise in the Planter – Hatchling Update

May 18, 2013

The last two days, I haven’t seen the robin that made a nest in my planter on the front porch. Since I did a little homework on how long it takes robin eggs to hatch, I knew that the babies should be arriving any day.

With the disappearance of the parents, I suddenly worried that the eggs didn’t hatch and the birds had given up. So, I pulled out my ladder, took a quick look and found …

Birds 1

Three baby hatchlings …

Birds 2

It’s easy to see two of them. They are snuggled in close to the third hatchling that has its head down.

Birds 3

Birds 4

I quickly left the hatchlings alone and retreated back inside. A few hours later, as evening started to draw near, I ventured out on the porch again just in time to see the momma robin return to the nest.


The hatchlings will have a great chance at a strong future under the watchful eye of their mother.

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