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The “What’s Under the Stove” Game

May 23, 2013

Ever get that feeling …

Stove 1

That your animals know more than you do?

Stove 2

Especially when it comes to what scary things might be lurking under household appliances?

I have no idea what suddenly attracted the attention of three of my four cats. I looked under the stove and saw nothing. But they were enthralled.

Of course, at least one of these cats (Zoey) is convinced that something lurks in the heating grate under the kitchen sink, so I’m not sure I can trust that they saw anything at all. Then again, when I decided to ignore them and head upstairs, two of them (Gus and Zoey) suddenly ran upstairs in a panic about two minutes after me.

Do you think that means there’s a monster in my kitchen?

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  1. Cats are special creatures, aren’t they? 🙂

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