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Another Robin Update

May 25, 2013

I am going on the road for work, but before I left, I knew that I needed to see the hatchlings in the planter on my front porch one last time.  I will be on the road for five days in total, and I know that the hatchlings have been in the nest for at least seven days so far. Given that baby robins only stay in the nest between nine and 16 days, I know that it is very likely that the nest will be empty by the time I return home.

In between packing and cleaning, I ventured onto the front porch to fertilize my plants and see if I could catch a glimpse of the babies. Just as I started to get my ladder set up on the far side of the porch, I heard a noise on the roof line of the house next to me. It was the momma bird, returning with food for her young.

Robin 1

She watched me warily for a couple of minutes, making sure I was no threat, before heading back to her nest to feed her three, clamoring babies.

Robin 2

Robin 3

Robin 4

Robin 5

Robin 6

Robin 7

The moment they were fed and realized that there was no more food coming their way, they started to settle down to go to sleep. I watched as the momma bird shifted several times, trying to make sure that each of the hatchlings could share in her warmth. Within moments, each one was fast asleep under her protective body.

Robin 8

Robin 9

I have to admit, I am going to really miss the birds when they finally all take flight.

Robin 9A

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